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Hit clutch springs
« on: October 01, 2019, 12:08:17 AM »
Hi  guys been a long time since posting

I have been away working o/s  for 3 years and my rear disc 08 Australian market HD200 has been in storage till 2 weeks ago

Anyway scoot was going great till weekend heard something like ball bearings in rear and felt like clutch locked on

Nursed it home switching it of at stop lights so as not to overheat the belt

Took it to mechanic yesterday got the news today looks like one of the clutch springs has broken and its sheared of the nut holding in the clutch and three bearings in the gearbox have died

Most probably the bearings died because they were  half immersed in oil while in storage
Had this happen on a car years ago so makes sense

I have a few questions for the brains trust

I installed a Hit clutch & variator + sliders at 7000k,s bike has just clicked over 22,000k,s
Have old clutch to get me going but want my hit clutch back in it !

First question does anyone know if the springs in the hit clutch are generic I:E can I just buy Mallosi springs if so which ones p,n if known

Second question the striped nut and shaft on the clutch
I was thinking taking it to a machine shop and taping smaller thread onto it then making matching nut

Third question should I just weld the old nut on the shaft with a few tack welds
Done that before on magneto on couple bikes over the years
Hope this makes sense

Also anyone know the dr pulley part number for the hit clutch I have lost all my scooter documentation and cant remember what the part number is so I can order the correct pillow spring part numbers

Okay clutch is 181401

Red spring is 20 kg

I will be fitting a yellow 16.5 kg spring

Turns out the my mechanic had the original box of the clutch and it came with 2 sets of clutch and pillow springs 3 each if you include the springs in the clutch already installed

The yellow spring should make the clutch stall earlier so
I'm curious to see how it feels

I will advise pity the scoot does not have a tacho

regards  HD200boy
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Re: Hit clutch springs
« Reply #1 on: December 17, 2020, 07:38:33 PM »
Hey, I know this is an ancient thread, but on the off chance you're still out there, how'd this work out?
Did you wind up going to the OEM size (130mm) for the clutch (PN 201502) or did you stick with the 125mm size?
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