Author Topic: anyone one own a FNX BT 125cc  (Read 148 times)


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anyone one own a FNX BT 125cc
« on: May 20, 2021, 08:07:20 PM »
had this scooter for for 16 MONTHS  ,,in my opinion it is a good scooter ...but a few cheap simple mods after 2000mls will make it better dont buy sim parts its expensive and not needed and will save you money  ...  number 1 main rule ... change engine and gearbox oil after 300mls heads up as long as you use recommended oils or better (IE good brands) and keep receipts and proof it stays under warranty via the manufacturer and not the dealer for 2 yrs as long as your are confident to perfume this simple service.. i do recommend paying the 70 _100 for the first service as to check all nuts and bolts ECT...    AFTER THAT PROOF IS MORE THAN GOOD ENOUGH FOR THE manufacturer  ,,,2,, change the drive belt check size and width i got one for 22 ebay ..
3 CHANGE ROLLERS if confident ... i will not go into detail ,,, google and read up .. its different for commute and top end speed // mine was A-ROADS for top end speed ,,65-75mph depending flat road incline and down hill .. and last ... in my opinion is fuel ... for town and going to work or commuting standard cheap fuel is good with a tank of super unleaded once a month ... if your using A roads use the good stuff .. as stated in the manual use 95RON or better ... or use an additive like quins ..all i can say is the internet is your friend ,,, use it wisely to save you money ... question your dealer about the 300ml service and the future services after that is a recommendation he will OR should tell you as long as you follow the manufacturer recommendation's or better it will be covered . if you are bothered about dealer stamps then fine pay the extra 50-70 but will only add value for trade in with a dealer not a potential private seller as you dont have a service book like a car   

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