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Derestriction process
« on: May 19, 2010, 12:28:48 PM »
We derestricted our first Mio about ten weeks ago and from what I can remember, there were just two places to address.  First, we found what looked like a bean bag in the air box that restricted air flow.  Removed and tossed.  Next was the ubiquitous ring to prevent the variator from reaching a higher gear.  The removal process is to simply back off the variator nut (a hammer air tool may be needed), remove the restrictor washer (looks like a wedding ring for a giant) and again, throw in the trash.

Before doing this the accelleration was tepid and you literally hit the wall at 30 mph.  After the two procedures, I saw 44 mph, which I think is an optimistic speedo but the engine was new and tight so maybe mid 40's is doable?

Hope this helps.

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