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Re:  International Shipping from Taiwan to the USA During the Pandemic
There is now a worldwide slowdown in air shipping because of so many flights being cancelled due to the virus (eg. The main international airport near Taipei used to handle about 130,000 passengers on a busy day. Now it sees about 1,000 per day.)  Anecdotal reports from S. Korea, Japan, and Canada, all point to the same thing -- delayed shipping.

As of a few days ago I found out that right now it can take up to 8 days for a package posted in Hsinchu City, Taiwan, to find an available airplane to crawl onto. Most receiving countries undoubtedly have their own airplane problems.

The good news is that packages are still getting through.    Currently I can guarantee that packages sent to the USA will arrive on USA soil, but delivery time to anyone’s address there will depend on whatever problems the USPS may or may not be encountering locally, regionally or nationally.

I don’t like this one bit more than anyone else and hope improvements are soon possible re: shipping times.
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