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2013 fiddle 2 125 high miles
« on: June 28, 2019, 07:15:40 AM »
hi guys,

been following this forum for a while,
I bought a fiddle 2 125 back in 2013 new, and at the moment i am nearing 30.000kms, which is quite a bit for these little engines i suppose.
I run it everywhere and all the time, winter, salt, summer, rain, etc...and to be honest: i'm very happy with it. Here are some thoughts and experiences. It really is a super practical and cheap way of transport. And it is more fun than ANY car.

Here are some issues i've had:
- replaced battery once
- replaced brake switch on both sides (to make engine start)
- welded the holes in the exhaust, but it is almost giving up now
- had to replace the front brake disc twice because of warping and cracking, i put EBC on now.
- replaced front caliper, completely rusted/worn/stuck

the caliper and the exhaust is due to my use of the bike, which is not exactly friendly. :) I have gone on the highway plenty of times, screaming at top revs for 30 still does 95kph on flat ground. (little bit lighter weights for more fun in the city) It has been parked outside for many years as well. I really abuse it even though i love it.

As many of you, i'm looking for an exhaust...the internet has forgotten about fiddle 2 exhausts!
Also, it is starting to use quite a bit of oil now, (i replace oil with motul scooter expert every 1000kms religiously...already done 28 oil changes :D ) , last oil change very little came out (first time this is happening), and i had to refill 200cc now after 400kms. sooooo something is wearing i think :(
I do not see i don't know.
I adjusted the valves 3 times now, only the last time the exhaust valve was a tiny bit tight. Changed the belt once at 16.000kms. Changed tires once i think. I put good metzelers on there.

The headlight plastic is a bit cracked because of the cobblestone roads here in belgium. (repaired with tierap) Other than that, going strong!

The only thing it does not do, is wheelies  :(  :)

cheers, Jan


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Re: 2013 fiddle 2 125 high miles
« Reply #2 on: July 07, 2019, 11:40:48 AM »
for future reference: in perfect italian style, the 2008-2013 FIDDLE II 125 GPR exhaust does not fit the 2008-2013 FIDDLE II 125 .  ;D ;D

i think i am the first guy ever ordering this exhaust.
i am going to hack into the frame, do some welding and make it fit though, but i will ask for a mega discount on my purchase price.

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