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How to Remove RV200 EVO Battery
« on: October 05, 2017, 03:20:10 PM »
I finally picked up courage and replaced the battery. Please keep in mind, that this is how I did it. You might want to bypass some "cleaning" & "painting" steps... Here's my "How-to" on removing the battery:

Tools needed.
•scoot key
•#2 phillips screw driver
•2 flat blade screw drivers
•tooth brush to remove dust
•14mm ring spanner (wrench)
•Plywood board, to lie down on
•10mm ring spanner and offset wrench
•10mm socket and ¼" driver and 3" extension
•protectant and applicator brush (Armor All, Son of a Gun)
•rust remover and brush, and tuna can (to pour remover in)

The battery on the RV200 is on the lower rear right side of the scoot, just above the exhaust.
→Place the scoot on the center stand.
→Raise open the seat cushion. You do not need to remove the seat hinge.
→Remove under seat storage tub/luggage box. 5 bolts 10MM.
→Remove 1 phillips screw from front of seat.
→Lift seat up and off and move 6" forward & place down. From rear of tub, reach down and under, and disconnect green connector to kill switch.
→If you have a charger lead wire and connector going through a hole in the under-seat storage tub, pull any duct tape covering the hole in the tub ½ way back, exposing the hole. Pull off dust cap of SAE connector or any other terminal that might be present at the end of the lead wire. Then push from top of hole, and pull from bottom of hole and pull out charger connector from underneath the tub. Lift tub off and set aside. Replace SAE connector or other dust cover over terminal end.

→Remove 3 phillips head screws on the right side panel with SYM logo on it. Pull panel rearwards to free the tabs and pull panel off. Set aside.

→On battery compartment remove 2 nuts 10mm on left and right side of compartment, and 1 bolt 10mm on right side of battery compartment. Pull off and withdraw battery side cover.

→Remove 10mm bolt from positive (+) battery terminal. Then pull, angle, coax and cajole the battery compartment/holder down onto the muffler.

→Remove 10mm bolt from negative (-) cable terminal.

→Remove battery.

-Refer to any manuals that you might have, to get a mental picture of locations.

→Tooth brush clean the battery holder bracket.
→Clean battery holder. Apply protectant to wires.
→Place battery in plastic housing/holder.
→Place cables on negative (-) terminal and loosely place terminal screw into terminal nut.
→Tighten negative (-) terminal nut.
→Place thin screw driver under positive (+) terminal, guiding the nut under the terminal screw on the right side of the terminal nut until nut is directly under screw. Lower screw and thread into terminal nut.
→Tighten battery positive (+) terminal with 10mm ring spanner.
Place battery cover over wires, and 2 studs. Place 10mm nuts over studs and 10mm bolt into battery holder. Place over battery cover. Tighten.

→Brush clean whatever is visible. Apply rust remover to any areas that have rust on them, usually weldments. Apply protectant on all rubber, plastic and vinyl.

→Brush clean thoroughly engine compartment.
→Empty overflow tube.
→Brush clean and apply protectant to entire seat and under-seat assembly.
→After the remover has dried, paint on high-temperature black paint to all rust-remover areas.

→Reassemble in the reverse order of which it was removed.
2014 SYM RV200 EVO, 171 cc, liquid cooled
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Re: How to Remove RV200 EVO Battery
« Reply #1 on: October 06, 2017, 06:53:09 PM »
Very nice, detailed description, CR! That will be very useful to all the other RV/Joyride owners out there.
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