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Ordered some gasket material and a punch set.  Going to try and make my own gasket.  Will try to document here.  Debating having a gasket maker do a run of them but I am not sure there are enough Symba owners out there to make it worth while.
Fiddle 50 / FIDDLE 2 50CC 2011 unrestriction
« Last post by slamsgt on September 10, 2021, 08:13:48 AM »
Hi, How do i unrestrict my Fiddle 2 50cc? What should i do

Symba / Need help...was sold a Symba that was in a fire...of course seller hid this....
« Last post by donatx on September 09, 2021, 06:57:45 PM »
So I bought a 2010 Symba that looked pretty good apart from a worn seat and some outdoor exposure damage from the elements on some of the plastic covers and leg shields.

Bike looked decent when I looked at it.  Ran well, started easy, ect.  I didn't see any leaks.  Talked seller down a bit on the parts he spray painted "because of sun damage" so I wasn't too concerned.  Seller also claimed he had to replace fuel sender because it stopped working.

Well brought the bike home.  Pulled it out today and took it around the block for a shake down run.

While examining the bike I noticed gas leaking out of the carb.  Well as I started examining closer I noticed the gasket on it the carb looks eaten away.

So I pull off the body panels and discover a bunch of the electrical wires have been melted.  I noticed they were shoved up inside the frame where I couldn't really see them when looking the bike over.

Some detective works leads me to believe the bike sat...seller put gas in it.  Fuel sender leaked and the bike caught fire.  Seller then painted and hid signs of the fire.

Luckily I am can repair stuff so I am just going to replace the bad parts of the wire harness with new wire.

My big issue is the carburetor....I don't feel safe riding it while its leaking.

Is there a kit with the gaskets and o rings for the carb?

Any one ever made there own?  What size of o-rings do I need?

Other issue is the looks like the part that goes into the intake of the carb is broken.  Any one ever remove the air box and just replace with one of those K&N filters?

Wolf Classic 150 / Re: That was a trip !!
« Last post by Papa Bear on September 07, 2021, 07:47:22 PM »
51050 Km   8)
Mio 50 / Re: My experience tuning up a mio 50
« Last post by scharebear on September 07, 2021, 03:35:04 PM »
sorry to go back to such old thread. What year is your mio 50? I have 2014 with Keihin carb that does not use vacuum?
And what did you do with the emissions hoses coming off the front of the motor that were routed to the airbox? I have 2, one is PCV ventilation (which I believe doesn't use vacuum) and other is part of the "Evaporative Emissions Control System" (which does seem to use the vacuum). Also what air filter are you using instead?
Mio 50 / Re: Cdi
« Last post by scharebear on September 07, 2021, 03:22:01 PM »
I am working on 2014 sym mio 50. Was a mess but have it running (mainly needed carb cleaned) and would like to improve things a bit. It topped out at 32 mph. There is no ring on variator. I think the CDI is restricted. Can someone confirm this for this model/year. And as far as replacement any recs? I have seen some posts about sym cdi being proprietary and having to swap pins to get derestricted replacement to work. Is this always the case? Or with this model/year?
Symba / Re: Gas overflow / overfill issue without smog/pollution system
« Last post by beltho on September 05, 2021, 12:54:28 PM »
OK, if part of the CDI is blown open, then I'd say you're right, that would suggest an electrical issue! Strange that this would happen after the gas overflow, but it may have just been a coincidence. Unfortunately, now that Cam Purvis no longer sells Symba parts, I don't know of any great options. I assume you've already checked with your local SYM dealer, and I know that Scooter Dynasty carries a few (although they seem to be pretty pricey).

I'm glad that you at least were able to identify the issue. I still have a hard time believing that all the coils would have gone bad. If you can order an CDI, I would start there.
Sym Symphony / Re: Ignition Key
« Last post by Errol on September 05, 2021, 03:18:41 AM »
Hi, I feel like a bit of an idiot. The key had to be turned just a little bit more anticlockwise to lock the steering. Completely different from the last SYM I owned. It's only a little bit and it sort of comes up a tad, but all is good. Thanks
Symba / Re: Gas overflow / overfill issue without smog/pollution system
« Last post by scoh on September 03, 2021, 11:39:31 AM »
All tubes are reconnected for sure. I've also taken apart the carb (needle and seat are good), and disconnected and plugged the extra vacuum line to the manifold.

I thought that overfilling the tank caused the original issue since so many others have posted about the same problem of not starting after, but I'm no longer certain that the excess gas went to a level where that would cause problems (there's always a bit of a contained splash at the top when I fill it, when the pump nozzle contacts gas and cuts out). It looks like my overfill line ends up at the carb anyways.

After taking the bike to a retired mechanic, it looks like one or all of the pulse coil, exciter coil, and ignition coil are the issue - part of the CDI is blown open for sure, likely strained by the very incorrect resistances of those three coils. The resistances could have gone off from having additional lights on the bike over years, plus an accidental 7A slow-blow fuse event where a fast-blow fuse should have been installed. My guy re-measured the resistances that were very different from their nominal values (in the Google Drive linked image I previously posted), and they are now all over the place and still very wrong (20% - 200% of nominal resistances). In any case, the spark plug only sometimes sparks, and it's a really, really weak spark at that. Spark plug is new and was cleaned multiple times.

I'm seeing two paths here:
1- get an ignition assembly (easy, plentiful) and a stator assembly just for the pulse and exciter coils (Hard! There's just one guy on ebay who can sell me a whole engine for ~$400, but no stators that I can find searching online and after calling a few dozen salvage yards listed on
2- find a compatible stator from a different manufacturer and get the entire CDI + stator assembly + ignition coil that goes with it... whichever parts that meet a CDI's expected resistances.

Would anyone know of a Symba parts source other than kijiji/ebay?
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