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Citycom 300 / Re: I may soon be the owner of a CityCom scooter
« on: June 09, 2017, 11:53:26 AM »
as an citycom owner of sym  I would say  dont buy one .   Mine sitting waiting for me to fix the shit that comes with the cheapness of sym once you go beyond the engine.  SYM using the cheapest parts they can get  . The wiring loom uses the thinness gage of wire they can get away with.  The switches  like the starter are just cheap of the cheapest .  You can buy the whole set of switches lights etc for about 5 bucks with shipping for china .  They are the same once sym uses.   At 2600 bucks  I would say  get a Japan scooter 200 cc scooter at that price point.   Honda helix  200cc  $800 to 1500  . burgman 200cc  2 grand  ,  Honda Reflex  1200-2000$  ,  Yamaha  made some 200cc scooters    .   A honda 300 cc Forza  can be found for 3 grand .   
I know I m going to get other sym I m owners riding to defended sym but I one bleeping piss off owner .    Want to rebuild your brake ?   SYM wants you to buy the whole thing instead of selling pistions and seals etc.    Dont buy a citycom go with Japan.   Buy a helix , pcx 150 save 1200 bucks  and use that cash to go on a trip.  The honda pcx 150 get 100 mpg.

General Discussion / Throttle Position Sensor bad ??
« on: July 23, 2016, 04:46:53 PM »
My citycom 300i  tach is rmp is all over the place at times.   today I ve stalled out 3 times.   I felt a minor surging 2 times in 2 days.   Could this be efi Throttle Position Sensor is going bad ?   

Citycom 300 / CITYCOM Tach rmp suguring but engine is not
« on: July 22, 2016, 09:30:01 PM »
Tach is going up and down like a yo you at times.   The engine is normal .   Bad ground ???    Or is it cable run ?  Tach relines but engine is just going along as per normal why ?   safe to egnor for a little bit or not ? 

General Discussion / Re: SYM brake disc replacement non OEM>
« on: July 15, 2016, 08:31:55 PM »
Your a great guy  but as we both know you cant get citycom parts .    We also know that SYM  uses the china    for most all there stock parts .  SYM are built to a price point once you go beyond the engine .    The wiring loom on a citcy com is really the thinnest gauge of wire they could use .   Starter switch is really shit , along with all the other switches .  They re cheap and the same as the ones you can buy from china for 5 bucks a set.  the soliniod is a cheap peace of shit on my citycom The same one as used here.   SYM refuses to offer brake rebuild kits unlike other scooter companies.    Beyond that you , the guys in Europe and the USA  and other can get parts easy.   SYM is now down to 7 dealers in Canada.  Just 7 places for parts without paying 30% more plus shipping from the usa.      My only point is if SYM cant step up to the plate and play ball with it's customers  then I going to find a pitch hitter to take there place.       There s no reason an air cleaner should cost 35 bucks plus.   That's what I m trying to find out .  Where to get  the parts and whom made the OEM ones .   SYM doesn't pay more cash out to build these thing then they need to.  STOCK parts that are made for more then one scooter / motorcycle are use except for the engine / cdi.   
I bought my citycom used .  If I had paid full price of it I would be taking a shit into bag and fed ex it to SYM head office to show how I feel about the shitty build that went into it.   Please understand when a company passes a  citycom frame as ok that has wielding splatter all over it there is something wrong .   When someone wield the soliniod mount to close the grab rail mount there is something wrong .  Combine these 2 and you get it starter system shorting out  after while.        So I love my citycom when it works but I would never buy a new SYM  .   6 grand for a citycom in canada.  A used honda forza is 4300.   That honda will still be running in 20 years .  The SYM would only last maybe 4 to 5 years.   
As to my bad writing it's the best I can do.       

General Discussion / SYM brake disc replacement non OEM>
« on: July 14, 2016, 02:15:19 PM »
I ve running with the fact we all know that SYM cheap out and uses china clone parts .  Standards off the shelf .   There in I ve been looking around  at the rear disc on my citycom for some info since SYM will not sell your a rebuild kit .   You ll have to pop 150 bucks I think for a new one.     So starting with the pads the disc take I ve been able to make up the  list of other brands that take the same thing.   Ask and I ll give you the link over at battle scooter part of forum.
       SYM may indeed use this brake on other sym models it seem.  Also on Japan motorcycles.   China pit bikes .  Fleabay seem to also be selling something that look like a dead match . also has what is a dead on match i think .,searchweb201602_1_10056_10055_10049_10017_405_404_407_10040,searchweb201603_7&btsid=0cf26e47-f3d7-4449-bb2f-d3e5d6855c8b

I guess my point is new disc brake  around 25 to 40 bucks with shipping off allexpress and might be worth your time .    SYM just use off the shelf parts that you can find else were. 

RV250 / SYM RV250 egine oil drain bolt
« on: July 13, 2016, 12:52:16 PM »
From what I understand the rv250 is the same engine as the citycom 300.   Are the oil drain bolt which SYM calls 1236A-V02-000 Tappet adjust hole cover  just a generic threading that can be found on other scooters and motorcycles ?  Reason I ask is in canada SYM sucks the bike one when it come to parts.  There s only 7 dealers left whom sell parts .  I would rather pick up a new oil change bolt made of better metal off the local bike wreacker .    The metal they make this bolt head out of is far to soft and just strips out .   I ask over at the sym citycom part of here but it's dead

General Discussion / Re: Scooter Security
« on: June 28, 2016, 11:43:22 PM »
Here the thing if your bike doesn't weight over 300 pounds  1 or 2 guys can easely lift it up .  Alarm work but then again someone whom knows what he's doing might just spary foam into the horn .   Throwing on old phone in the glove box  with gps tracking on it and a pay as you go text plan is also a cheap way to track the bike after the fact .  This type of lock is good for guys whom just want a ride  right now .  Also depends on how good the lock is due to the fact that there is tools the can defeat the tumblers on this type of lock .     The best type of chain is the one the guy talk about in this video.  12 bucks a foot but you can't cut it with normal tools .   Combine with a good lock and something to lock it to your rides as safe it it can .    Best bet is just insurance for thief and under insured motorist protection.   

General Discussion / Re: Full Size Windshield
« on: June 28, 2016, 11:33:44 PM »
You ll find the info on ebay italy or uk .  Givi makes one I think .   Ebay Italy seem to have way more stuff .  I got a new honda sh150 windows with shipping off ebay europe for 100 bucks and it include Oem hand guards which  are something you can t get in usa .

Citycom 300 / Re: Citycom 300 front fork seals
« on: June 21, 2016, 01:12:17 AM »
I need to replace fork seals but original part from Sym are not available - I would have to wait about 3 weeks :|
Maybe someone knows the dimension of the seals so I could buy replacements from Ariete or Athena ?
No I don't but there is a tool out there you can buy off amazon which my save you changing seals.   Basicly just a  very thin peace of plastic that fits under the seal and cleans out any trapped dirt .  Sometime it's dirt that is caused the leak.   
<iframe width="854" height="480" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Battery is showing 12.8 volts and tested the coil today based on a video I found on you tube everything seemed ok with the coil...Really could use some suggestions on what to check next.

The issue I found chasing down the reason my #()$*  solenoid issue was the #()$*$()#  wiring is a peace of shit .  Low quality . So with my issue after taking off the tub  under the seat was the fact the SYM didn't give a rats ass if they cleaned up the wielding splatter .  It's sharp  and with time will wear through the rubber wiring cases.    I m guessing somewhere there a live wire  worn through that is grounding out and popping the frame.    Sadly the only thing your do is take every peace of plastic off and then trace down the short .   if the truck was running when jumped you might have damaged the wiring loom somewhere .   
Before doing all that take the tub off ,  4 bolts and move the solenoid .  At least with my ride the SYM wield the solenoid mount to close to the grab rail mount on the right side.   end result at least with me was the start would run and run .    There also a fuse in the solenoid .  You can see if that still good.     I would place my bet on the fact that somewhere there's a live wire grounding it's self out and popping the fuse.   You can watch youtube videos that show you how to trace down a short .  To simplify it's just using 12 volt fuse light probe and starting the battery going forward wire by wire till the light show up the short .  This type of stuff isn't something I good at.     The other thing to know is that every switch on SYM is a peace of china shit .  You can but a set off fleabay .  Could be one of these is also the issue .  Eg the wire going to the starter switch is very low grade and thin.   I would not be shocked to see a switch is the issue .  I even bypassed the switch under my seat due to issues with it .

Citycom 300 / any lead for rear racks that aren't givi ?
« on: May 11, 2016, 12:33:14 AM »
Anyone know whom selling rear racks for citycom in 2016 ?

Citycom 300 / Re: Citycom start always turning when power is on ?
« on: May 10, 2016, 01:57:03 PM »
The wiring  room under the seat isn't cover up with good quilty shink type rap .   The end result is it wears through.  In my case the issue is the SYM were being dam gits when they decide to where to put the soleniod . The spacing between where it s mounts and the next peace of metal where grab rail mounts is 3/8 inch or so.  Add in the face that they just wield it in place without filing out any small blobs of metal that came off  as they did it and you going to get wire wearing through .  Since the seat is just 4 bolts and 2 phiphs bolts I would take it off and take a look to see if you have issues waiting to happen.   If I can figuare out where to move the soleniod I going to do just that.  I ll need a longer wire that comes from the starter up to it but they are just common parts at any auto shop .   
It's fix .  Issue shorting out on the frame due to cheap wiring loom .   SYM is making stuff to last 15 years or less I guess.   Great scooter but cheap stuff used to save money outside of engine.     

Citycom 300 / Re: Citycom start always turning when power is on ?
« on: May 10, 2016, 11:21:38 AM »
Anyway  Just a word of WARNING .  Handle bar switches are cheap china ship.   Replace the starter button and found out that it's 20 cent switch that is common  your find them cheap scooters.  All the handle bar switches are cheap , cheap crap .  Good news is you can buy replacement off fleabay for 5 bucks a set.   Bad news 5 grand scooter is using 4 bucks worth of switches to save cash  The inside of the starter button is just a spring and 2 peaces of copper.  SYM isn't thinking of keeping these running long term .  15 years from now just a mess of crap wiring and switches shorting out or not working .  With that out of the way I thought I fixed the issue due to soleniod but it seem something else is shorting out grounding out the solenoid so it gets power.  I m guessing a wire rub lose somewhere near the battery.   

Citycom 300 / Re: Citycom start always turning when power is on ?
« on: May 08, 2016, 01:29:58 AM »
Yep  .  So anyway SYM canada I email the guy there and he goes go to website  and then look at tec doc .  Wants me to find the part number but the kicker is that there s no such part named a solenoid .  Start relay etc but no clear picture.   Like how the hell should I know the part number instead of the company that imports and sells them in canada?    :-X Anyway I found a china clone at a scooter dealer whom had something that looked like it in a box of old parts .   Why the hell not use common solenoid SYM ?    I understand your guys in the states get your parts fair easier then here in Canada .   Smaller market where the import fails to stock parts.  End up waiting for stuff to come in.    The only reason I didn't wire up an auto one in place of it is fuel injection and ECU.   Done wrong it could fry far to much.   
If this one doesn't work I ll just fed ex one from USA .    Sad thing is your ve got Japan bikes made the day I was born in 1966 running around with 50 year old solenoids .  Same thing with Cars.   No reason 7 year old one should go bad except sub standard.     

Citycom 300 / Citycom start always turning when power is on ?
« on: May 06, 2016, 08:15:17 PM »
I think the solenoid relay  is stuck on .  The citycom I have always is trying to turn over if there any battery power .  Doesn't matter if the key is off .  Am I right in thinking it just fried it's self ? 

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