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Symba / 45 minute video of Symba action
« on: December 28, 2020, 07:10:10 AM »
 I realize that there aren't many people left on the forum who still have their Symba's, but I just uploaded a Symba video over the weekend. It is mostly about 45 minutes of riding one of my Symba's around a lake near here.. pretty boring unless you like Symba's and the sounds they make.. LOL..

Symba / Used Symba Parts now on eBay
« on: December 01, 2020, 07:35:01 AM »
I haven't seen many used Symba parts for sale on eBay in the past couple of years, but in the last few days, someone has been listing a lot of parts for sale.  I do not know who it is, and it is not me.  If you want any Symba parts, you should act now, as they are getting harder and harder to find.  Here is the link:

General Discussion / What is the latest news from SYM?
« on: November 25, 2020, 06:46:44 AM »
Not sure if anyone else on this forum owns stock in Sanyang Motor Company, but I do.  For years, the price of their stock has just been bumping along the flat line, but now suddenly, it is spiking upward.  I have been unable to find any news on the financial sites about SYM to see what is causing it.  Trading activity is suddenly brisk.  Maybe SYM is about to be bought out?  It trades on the Taiwan exchange as 2206.  Have a look at this link:

and then look at the three year chart to see what I mean.  Hopefully, there is someone on this forum who lives in Taiwan who has more news or someone who is better at searching the web than I am that can shed some light on this.. much appreciated. 

P.S. I am still looking to buy Symbas in any condition with Florida titles...

Symba / What is this SYMBA rear rack?
« on: June 19, 2020, 06:36:26 AM »
I just bought another Symba this weekend, and it came with a rear rack.  I had seen photos of this rear rack on other Symbas, but am interested in who made and sold them.   While this rack wouldn't work with a factory bench seat, it does work well with the original rear seat, and a top box.  This rack also came with a piece that I think is a grab bar.  It can be mounted to the rack at the front of the rack in a similar position to the factory grab bar, or in the middle of the rack, but not when using the rear seat.  The rack is designed so that the stock rear seat mounts correctly, using the stock rear spring clips, and it also eliminates the grab bar on the original rack that everyone complains about getting into their butt.  Who made this rack, and does anyone have more of them?

Symba / Mounting a Honda Passport C70 Front Chrome Rack on my Symba
« on: May 14, 2020, 07:59:36 AM »
I didn't realize that others had posted their method for mounting a C70 front chrome rack on a Symba, but this is how I did it.  Instead of building a bracket to adapt the chrome rack to the Symba, I simply used a 1 inch long tube spacer and a longer bolt:

Symba / Mounting the Sym Factory Bench Seat on my Symba
« on: May 14, 2020, 07:53:47 AM »
The NOS Sym bench seat arrived this week, but it was missing the "anchor bar" that as I understand it, should have been included with the seat.  I found the picture of the anchor bar in this discussion:

and better photos with more searching.  In any event, I thought about fabricating the anchor bar fresh with a piece of u-channel, and cutting the support pieces and bending them in my sheet metal brake, and then TIG welding everything together, but it was hard to determine exact height and location from the photos.  I had a spare Symba black steel rack that I got with a large pile of used Symba parts, but with the grab bar in place on that rack, it was a bit hard to see if the clip bar on that rack was in the correct place and was the correct height, but it looked like it might be.  Rather than cut off the grab bar, I decided to cut out the center of the rack.  If it turned out that the clip bar wasn't the correct height, worst case, I could TIG weld the cut out back into the rack, and the rack would still be ok, and the repair would be hidden by the jump seat.

So, my first step was to cut out the center of the used black rear rack:

I then bolted the bench seat to the front hinge, and fit the center piece to see if it would line up with the clips on the rear of the seat:

It looked like it might work, but the front half of the center piece was fouling in the seat, keeping the seat from lowering enough to engage the rear clips onto the clip bar on the center piece:

It was close, but the seat was still hitting the front of the center piece, so I cut it down some more, and now it was looking almost like the factory anchor bar, except it was curved instead of straight:

Now the seat made full contact with the clip bar, but the clip bar needed to be moved to the rear 3/8" to allow for the clips on the seat to engage the clip bar, since the bar was curved instead of straight like the factory anchor bar.  I drilled new mounting holes, and covered the work with fender washers, and this is how it looked in the final position:

These are the clips on the rear of the factory seat.  You can also see the "bump" in the seat pan that was fouling in the clip bar before I removed the non-essential parts of the bar:

This is how the Symba looked at the end of the job:

And from the rear:

I am still looking to buy a factory rear bench seat anchor bar.  If you have one, please PM me. 

I'm also looking to buy the real Symba rear chrome rack:

Symba / Mounting a SuperCub 110 rear rack on my Symba
« on: May 06, 2020, 06:00:53 PM »
The Honda Supercub 110 rear rack that I ordered on eBay from Thailand two months ago, arrived here yesterday.  Just like I was able to easily fit a Honda C70 Passport front rack on my Symba, it looked to me like a Honda Supercub 110 rear rack would also fit a Symba.  It shipped promptly from Thailand, but sat about 45 days at the "ISC NEW YORK NY(USPS)".  In any event, it fits well, and allowed me to move my Prima top box off the Symba standard rear rack, and put the factory jumpseat back on the standard rear rack.

I used my press to gently narrow the rack just a bit:

And then test fitted it to the Symba and marked where I needed to drill new mounting holes in the Supercub 110 rack:

I drilled a couple of new mounting holes in the Supercub brackets:

I put thin rubber pads between the chassis, the new rack and the original rack and screwed everything in place:

Lastly, I installed the factory jumpseat on the original rack, and my Prima top box on the new rack.

This is how it looks from the rear:

The ironic thing is that as soon as I finished installing the new rear rack, an NOS Symba bench seat came up for sale on eBay.  I bought it, and then bought another Passport C70 front rack, and another Supercub 110 rear chrome rack, so now I am need of a second Symba to put it all on.  LOL  I'd appreciated any leads for a Symba for sale in Florida, blue or black preferred.. much appreciated.  I'll post this on as well..

Symba / Source for Symba Fuel filters?
« on: March 20, 2020, 06:31:28 AM »
I haven't been able to find a source for OEM SYMBA fuel filters.  They fit in the wire ring under one of the carb mounting bolts, and the input barb comes into the bottom from the rear, and the output barb goes out of the top and points to the front.  Not interested in a generic filter unless is is dimensionally the same as the SYM original.  Please let me know if you have one or more or know a source for them.

Symba / Any Symba Owners in Florida?
« on: October 18, 2019, 05:35:17 PM »
As the subject says, I'd like to buy a Symba, any condition from cherry to basket case, as long as it is mostly complete, and is in Florida and has a Florida title.   Not looking for parts.. want one to ride or to restore and ride.  I'd appreciate any leads.. thanks.

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