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HD200 / Brake Pad wear
« on: May 09, 2020, 10:36:18 PM »
Hi folks,

My HD has always worn out the inboard pad long before the outboard.
I had an old Datsun that did this as well, & there's usually some discrepancy, but this is along the lines of half a pad.

Does yours do this?

HD200 / Cell Phone Mounts & related
« on: April 21, 2020, 01:10:41 PM »
Just curious how folks are mounting their phones &/or Navigation devices.
Also, if you're powering 'em where are you pulling the power from, & how are you avoiding environmental issues like moisture, grit, & thieves?

General Discussion / New SYM VF 185
« on: April 29, 2019, 11:48:00 AM »

I don't recall seeing this one posted before.

So far I've only seen it on the SYM Greece site, which does mean it meets EURO 4

Very nicely spec'd.  It'be great if SYM U.S. would import it (like that'll happen..)
Be even more nifty if they could just take this motor and make the new HD200 with it....Maybe mount the battery a bit higher on the new one cuz ..puddles.. :D

HD200 / Turbo Fun?
« on: December 04, 2018, 12:12:37 PM »
Not sure how many folks here cross to the Kymco forum as well (I had an S200 for a while, great forum, but the SYM's more fun).
Someone was wondering about turboing a 125cc...And someone brought up this.

Kinda gotta wonder..If I could get any longevity out of a SYM on that.  I bet I could rig it but how to keep it from popping the motor in under 1k miles (1.6km)...

Yup a real post here, not the wannabe thief posting fake pharmaceutical ads.
This was already posted in ADV, but since we don't have 100% overlap there thought I'd post it for those who aren't on that.
Pretty much explains it.

Congrats to riders out that way, maybe it'll be worth for me a visit after all.

If nothing else it's a baby step the right direction.

Cheers peeps.

HD200 / Source for Rotor/Disc
« on: May 24, 2018, 05:32:09 AM »
Anybody know a good source for the front disc/rotor for the HD?
I can find a fancy NG aftermarket one, but since they're made of gold I though I'd see if anybody knew a source for an OEM one that wasn't forged by elves from the tears of diamonds..or at least priced like it is.

HD200 / Belts & Rollers
« on: May 10, 2018, 11:44:28 PM »
Hi folks,

Just an initial commentary on my very recent belt/roller change.
- The old items were OEM & were still in good shape after ~7400 miles. 
I would have just left them except I was installing Dr. Pulley's anyway to check 'em out.
I installed a Dayco belt from Racing Planet, & some Dr. Pulley 16g sliders (OEM weight).
I replaced the air filter too, but the old one was good 'nuff to keep as a spare so it's not really a factor in performance differences.

So far the results have been about what others reported.
- Dr. Pulley Sliders.
No real gain in power or acceleration at the low end, just smoother.
Freeway speeds up to a real 65ish (before I ran out of road due to traffic) felt better overall, smoother & still ready to push higher.
For a fun comparison, I'm going to swap 15g rollers in my wife's HD in a week or so.

RE: Dayco vs. Bando belts. 
Time may tell a different tale, but I did compare 'em side by side & even though the Dayco is noted as being larger.  It is not as far as I could tell.  I slung both of 'em around a post in my garage to tension 'em and they seemed pretty much identical. Measuring belts is a funny business, so the minor difference in measurement may just be due to how Dayco measures 'em vs. Bando.
I stretched as best I could with one hand while snapping the shot, but it's not quite as good a look as I had without having to hold the phone.
Still.  Here ya go.   I have pics of the belts side by side on the links.  I got the pics to load but they seem to drop off after a bit, so here's the google site I put 'em on.

General Discussion / BMW C400X
« on: November 07, 2017, 11:46:17 PM »

Looks like the bike biz has figured out that light bikes with storage have a market.
Doubt it'll get these shores, & probably wants U.S. premium gas, which is problematic in this era of single hose pumps, but I would give it a look.

HD200 / Air Filter Source -
« on: July 26, 2017, 09:02:44 AM »
There are a couple different air filters for the HD.
The OEM one which is $30-$60 from what I've seen, & I haven't seen $30 for a while.
The expensive reusable cloth one for ~$70ish or a bit more these days.
The HiFlo aftermarket one That I've bought off ebay from the UK, usually ~$20 including shipping.
Really kinda marginal choices since that's the kinda thing it's good to have a spare or two around.
Yup you can make your own once ya have the frame if that's your bent, but I have not.

What I did find was racingplanetusa has what I assume is the HiFlos (they're in a plain white box, haven't looked too close yet) for ~$10@ and charges ya ~$10 shipping for the order so if you're ordering a few you come out OK..
The shipping's a bit slow since they seem to do a batch to their U.S. center from Europe once a week or so in order to keep their shipping cost down.

Either way, at first glance they seem to be the real deal so if ya need one or two and have a friend that does as well buddy up & order a batch.


HD200 / Boric Acid on clutch pads?
« on: July 24, 2017, 05:22:24 PM »
Cross posting this in a few forums since it's applicable to any dry clutch potentially.

I've been doing some reading in preparation for de-glazing the clutch on one of my scoots.
Last time I did this I just lightly sanded the drum and the pads, but have read that apparently Boric Acid helps, & maybe cures this?

Anybody here use it?
If so:
How & where did you apply it?
Did you still sand the pads and bell?
If ya didn't sand the pads and bell how long did it take before everything de-glazed?

Thanks in advance

General Discussion / A bit of fun
« on: April 27, 2017, 08:50:04 AM »
It's not on this forum.  I don't think this one's active enough for this at the moment, but...
Scooter Tag on ADV for those of you who aren't familiar with it.

Rules are on the first page, latest tag is on the last.  Idea is not to stump folks, but to have fun and ride a bit more.


General Discussion / Electric "Tadpole"trike (vs. Delta) from ZEV
« on: April 07, 2017, 02:59:48 PM »
Xpost from ADV for thems what cover both.
Kinda nifty, electric is pretty much the future at this point so I do keep an eye on 'em.
If money & storage space weren't an issue I'd seriously check one out.
Kinda pricey, but that's the "If money" part.
ZEV seems to be kicking out some nifty stuff. "Assembled" in USA of U.S. and imported parts even. Heck that's pretty much the description of most Fords, & certainly of Harley's these days.

If anybody owns/owned a ZEV please chime in I'd love to hear any real experiences with 'em.

General Discussion / One less psycho on the road
« on: April 04, 2017, 06:55:17 PM »
Had heard about this a while back. 
Thankfully he didn't get the same deal Ethan Couch got.
Figured it was worth cross-posting from the Burgman forum I haunt.

General Discussion / Just a nifty old scoot - the Honda Motocompo
« on: March 28, 2017, 09:45:33 PM »

I doubt it was ever here in the U.S., but if it was I want a pair. :)

HD200 / Windscreen Options
« on: February 23, 2017, 06:26:42 PM »
Howdy folks,

As I continue reassembling my HD, I'm at the juncture where I'd like to install a windscreen.
I've used the Scoot 66 to good effect, & have that on my SO's HD (scavenged from this one when it was down).
The Slipstreamer's OK but I have never been in love with them due to the mounting system, & thickness of the screen.
It has worked, but I was curious if anybody here had used one of the Isotta screens (which one?) and how that was for mounting and height (give your height too please so I can gauge things), or the Puig, which I have a hunch I'd look through, not over, or if you've found a good way to mount a Givi on one (how and which one).

Any help or thoughts would be great.



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