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Symba / Maximum current draw from battery & stator/alternator?
« on: April 25, 2021, 09:41:35 PM »
Hi all!

I'm trying to find replacements for two LED headlights that I added to my Symba, which won't stress the stator electronics too much. I had both lamps running off the battery to get a constant current brightness that didn't depend on RPM. Each headlight drew 0.25 Amps. (They really added visibility, from the behaviour of drivers ahead of me). Unfortunately both have shorted out this season, after 5 years... a short life for LEDs but I'm thinking the constant vibrations contributed that.

These are the discontinued and shorted headlamps:
KW-222, aka DRL-CW3-BM2 @,-3w/1510/3412/?redirect_disc=0 ).

I'd like to replace them with these below, which use 0.5 Amp each...

My question is: What maximum current draw should I limit my options to, for a DC device connected to the OEM 12V battery?

The stock fuse is 7A 250V fast blow I believe. I have not measured the current draw at a decent RPM yet - I need to get a better multimeter. My stator is nearly identical to the OEM, but a bit different, with specs that I can't find at the moment. (Fried the OEM stator while doing 10 minutes up a 30 degree incline in first gear, when the extra headlights were off).

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