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DD50 Starting Problems
« on: August 22, 2010, 08:39:17 AM »
Bought a 2005 DD50 from my g/f's brother in-law, he was stationed in Hawaii with the navy and this was his mode of transportation.  The scooter has a 72cc engine, 28mm oko carb, and some work done on the transmission (not sure what, but the thing would do an honest 45-50 mph).  Get the thing to my place and start to give it a once over as it had sat for awhile.  Cranked the motor by hand, replaced the belt, weights in the front pulley, and some fresh gas.  Battery was dead so I hooked up the jumpers to my car and tried to get it started.  When I tried to start the engine the starter would work erratically, spin for a few seconds and then stop.  Fuse and relay checked out fine, I'm thinking the starter may be bad, perhaps a dead spot on the motor causing the erratic behavior.  

My specific question is where the heck can I get a starter!  I am not an expert on these but I cannot find a starter that lists the dd50 as being compatible.  I looked on the site and all the starters are listed by engine model.  
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Re: DD50 Starting Problems
« Reply #1 on: September 15, 2010, 01:39:15 AM »
Hey howzit , i got a DD50 with the same type of set up and it seems to be that the stock starter motor is not powerful enough to start my bike. my friend said he had a starter so we switched it and that didnt work either. Just rebuild the kick starter if you have to and run it that way. thats how i run mine and it should work even with a dead battery. also the dd50 engine is a exact copy of a honda dio, so you can search honda or kymco zx parts and they will work.

u should also check the carb and fuel lines. the stock carb has an oil line and all the race carbs don't so you have to mix gas and oil when fueling it. also the DD50 has a fuel pump so sometimes with the dead battery i have to cover the intake filter in order to suck gas into the carb bowl if it sits too long.

i hope that helps