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Well I took it back to the dealer finally. He had it about 2 weeks and called me while I was on my way to Barber Motorsports Park to watch the AMA Road Races. He told me it had been ready for a few days and was wandering why I hadn't called, like I have ESP or something. When I got back from Alabama I went over and picked it up. He was going to help me load it but I told him I wanted to ride it first to see if it would get hot because I was going to just leave it if it did. I guess that pissed him off and he went back to his desk and sat down. I road it about 10 miles, it would usually get hot after about 5 or 6 miles and it never got to 1/2 on the temperature guage but the fan did kick in. It was in the lower 90's termperature outside so I was a little happier. I got back to the shop and asked him what they did. He said when they checked it, it had not been running hot because the guage was off because there was a bad temperature sensor. Temperature Sensor? ootscoot if you see this is there such a thing? I'm wandering if they just messed with the guage if that's possible.