Author Topic: Wolf Classic photo thread; let's see your bike  (Read 51868 times)


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Re: Wolf Classic photo thread; let's see your bike
« Reply #180 on: January 18, 2018, 01:26:17 AM »
What muffler is that and how do you like it? Did you have to rejet it?

Looks good really digging the Honda styles

2013 SYM

Mods include:
50/50 tires
bar end mirrors
Stripped gas tank with Honda decals,
got rid of all the crap on the back
signals front and back
 EMGO slip on pipe.
17t front sprocket
Painted the side covers.
Cheapo speedo ( bought the bike with no dash)

I bet lots of you are wondering about the pipe. It was $38 of ebay and it make the bike so much better and lots of cool points. Ive seen some do a full system but I wanted to do something different. This is a slip on pipe, there is nothing too it, a light packing on the inside but essentially a straight pipe. I cut the stock muffler off at the joint, made some shims to get a good fit and slip the new pipe on. Just touched the air fuel screw and never looked back. Have had no problems with the bike running and its crazy loud. As loud as a Harley when on the pipe.

Everything on the bike was done for $150 canadian... makes a huge visual difference and it sounds mean too!

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