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High school physics metacognitive and physics industry self-concept
Usefulness of knowledge. Therefore. Reasonable physical discipline cognitive strategies can improve the physical learning efficiency at the same time, metacognition of physics is a concrete manifestation of the student physical ability to learn physics industry self-concept is a person's view of their physical learning, attitudes, opinions and value judgments comprehensive. Numerous studies have proven that people's self-concept is highly dependent on the recent experience of the personal experience of change may lead to changes in self-concept. Cognitive level of the physics of individuals. Because of its success stories in the study. So that they have a higher self-concept of the physics industry. 5.2 Industry of physics self-concept level,Abercrombie und Fitch, in turn, on the cognitive level of the physics of senior high school is a critical period of development of individual self-consciousness. Students' self-awareness, cognitive ability and emotional feelings and so on into a new stage, such an understanding and evaluation will no doubt in their various activities. Learning activities. Play a tremendous role in promoting. Physics industry self-concept with high levels of student confidence in their own physical ability to learn. Often selected for their ability level and challenging task in establishing the physical learning objectives. This also means that they also regulate the learning process to the physical sciences metacognitive monitoring ability to put forward higher requirements of physics self-concept with high levels of individuals believe that they have the ability to control the physical learning activities over 60 Zhaohua Bo: high school physics recognized know and physics industry self-concept process and finds that success comes from their physical ability to learn and effort, often actively into physical learning active physics self-concept can also inhibit test anxiety,burberry borse, so as to physical disciplinary metacognitive activities for removal of obstacles: positive discipline of physical self-concept can also promote the individual to grasp directed cognitive activities. Grasp orientation will promote physics metacognitive activities. Therefore. Student of physics to industry self-concept of raising the level to promote the physics metacognitive level 5-3 teaching physics metacognitive training and education of physics industry self-concept of culture. Qizhua his hands and promote each other to form a virtuous cycle of physics teaching is not just knowledge of physics, physical methods, physics professor at the thought, more importantly, to promote students' self-awareness,burberry borse prezzi, healthy and coordinated development of the personality factors. The saying goes, Physics teaching is not simply to teach knowledge and ability of teaching. Should be two-pronged approach of teaching and educating people. Therefore. The one hand, teaching, strengthen the physical sciences cognitive training, improve the achievement of physics, so that students learn physics learning, to promote lifelong development; the other hand, in education. Attention and cultivate students' positive physics industry self-concept and physics achievement and promote each other, so that students know, feeling, consciousness and the coordinated development of both should pay attention to. The two promote each other,True Religion Outlet, and ultimately the highest goal of physics teaching. Promote comprehensive, coordinated and healthy development. 6 Limitations and Prospects 6.1 limitations f11 this study due to various reasons, to analyze the problem only through high school physics cognition and physics, industry self-concept of the psychological test results. There are certain limitations were the limitations of f21. The study randomly selected five high school students in Ningbo, the sample size is not very large, so the results can only provide some reference, but not infinitely expand the scope of application. 6.2 Prospect of the study is f11 further through observation, interviews and clinical psychological assessment tools to study the conditions are ripe to expand the number of samples and sampling range. f21 high school physics metacognitive and physics, industry self-concept and physics industry achievements.
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