Author Topic: Citycom 300i cooling issues. Stumped!  (Read 30 times)


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Citycom 300i cooling issues. Stumped!
« on: February 06, 2018, 02:22:45 PM »
Picked up an 09' Citycom with very few miles that had been sitting for quite some time. Rust in gas tank, bad fuel pump, rust throughout cooling system. Fuel stuff is taken care of, but the cooling system has me confused. I did a dilute vinegar bath and some scrubbing and most of the rust is gone. Water pump works.

1. Radiator fan won't turn on. Jumped it at thermo switch connection, works; tested thermo switch, works. Seems like the hot coolant isn't getting to that switch. But thermostat works fine, all lines checked for clogs as well. Lines are in proper positions too.

2. Temp gauge is weird. Ran the bike up to temp to test the fan, gauge climbed to like 3 big ticks, hung out there for a few minutes, then slammed up to highest setting. Seems that there was air in there that prevented a proper read, but I thought I bled it pretty well. Now when I test it by grounding the wire coming off the thermo housing, the needle won't move as it should. --Just read that grounding the wire for more than 5s will cause meter damage, crap.

I guess my main issue is having that fan turn on when it should. Even if the meter malfunctions, at least the fan will prevent overheating.

Thanks!! Any help is great, been working on this for quite some time.


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Re: Citycom 300i cooling issues. Stumped!
« Reply #1 on: February 06, 2018, 11:48:34 PM »
Heck the only issues I've had of similar nature were from a bike that sat outdoors under a cover.
I ran a couple rounds of radiator flush through it then rinsed it filled it, ended up filling it some more after running it about 1k miles and it's been behaving pretty well since. <knock on wood>
Could be the thermostat itself is having issues I guess.
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