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Hard shifting issues
« on: August 08, 2017, 06:15:47 AM »
So after 10K pretty trouble-free miles on my Symba, I've encountered a shifting issue I'm hoping someone can help me diagnose. Here in the Jacksonville area we have a lot of bridges going over the river. A little while back I was heading up one of these bridges and as I slowed down I wanted to downshift. The shift pedal, however, would not budge. It wasn't just tight, it wouldn't move at all. After I was over the bridge and at a stoplight, I was able to downshift, but once I started moving again I couldn't upshift at all either. I could only shift while at (or nearly at) a stop.

Now I was supposed to be taking the Symba out of town and so I had it loaded up on the back. I have a longer rear rack, so I have a topcase which had tools, extra oil, etc. for the trip, plus I have room to strap down a backpack. When first I set off, I forgot to adjust the shocks to the two-person setting to account for the extra weight. Prior to this I haven't had any shifting issues, other than VERY occasionally I've had to press down twice on the pedal to get it to shift (which could be me not just pressing down hard enough the first time).

I ended up pulling over and trying to adjust the clutch (which I hadn't had to do before) and managed to get it to a point where it would shift again (though not as well as usual) and limp home. (At which point I borrowed my wife's Kymco People and set out again.)

Now back at home, I'm trying to figure out what's going on here. Yesterday I adjusted the clutch per the instructions (I.e. loosened the nut, turned the screw counterclockwise until I met resistance, and then turned it back in a quarter of a turn) and went out for a quick spin. I could not shift except at a stop. This morning I adjusted the clutch back to about where it was when I limped home: the screw is turned in most of the way CLOCKWISE, and then backed off slightly. I'm going to check later to see if it'll shift, even if poorly, while I continue to troubleshoot.

I'm wondering if maybe the combination of the extra weight and the incline caused the initial issue (not sure the shock setting would affect things much, but I mention it just in case). This does seem though to be more than a clutch adjustment will solve, so I'm hoping someone will have an idea of what to check next. The engine itself seems to be running just fine.

For the Underboners or anyone else who's put their Symba through a lot of miles with a lot of weight on it, have you run into any issues similar to this?

Thanks all!
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