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« on: May 23, 2017, 03:00:09 PM »
Hey I wanted to ask you guys if you ever watch any Motovloggers on Youtube? In this day and age of smart phones, PC's, tablets and so many other mobile and non mobile devices, it's hard not to be influenced and bombarded by all this technology It can get addicting sometimes For me it's watching music videos and anything to do with motorcycles, scooters, cars and other vehicles on Youtube I love music and cool rides I don't play any video games, I'd rather go outdoors and play a real sport like basketball, swimming, bike riding etc.....

The reason I'm asking you this is I'm just curious and would like your feedback There are so many different opinions out there about all topics and Motovloggers have plenty of opinions and don't agree on anything I try to weed out all the mindless content and try to remember all the beneficial and worthwhile material Well let me know if you guys watch any Youtube Motovloggers, it's been groovy, later