Author Topic: Mio 50 parts scooter or parts for sale  (Read 492 times)


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Mio 50 parts scooter or parts for sale
« on: November 17, 2016, 10:24:10 AM »
I have a '10 SYM Mio 50 scooter that has a lot of good parts on it.  I purchased it and used some the parts to repair another SYM Mio 50. The engine on it has approx. 1,500 miles and as far as I know, should run.  I will guarantee that it will or your money back.  I never tried to start-up the engine, as all I needed off the engine was the carburetor assembly. If I happen to locate a carb for a reasonable price that will work, I'll fire-up the engine to make sure it runs properly.  The parts that were missing off of it when I got it and parts that I used off of it are listed below, meaning these parts are NO LONGER AVAILABLE:

  1 ) Carburetor assembly
  2 ) One shock boot...have only one remaining
  3 ) Battery
  4 ) Front fender plastic parts ...have the metal bracket the fender attaches to
  5 ) Front headlight assembly and surrounding plastic piece
  6 ) Keys
  7 ) Ignition switch
  8 ) Both mirrors
  9 ) Engine cooling shroud cover (plastic)
10 ) Triple tree (bent)
11 ) All turn signals
12 ) Rear splash guard (this is not the fender over the rear tire)
13 ) V.I.N. plate plastic cover
14 ) Kick-start lever

I have a speedometer assembly, but the gas gauge within it does not function. Everything else works within the assembly.

If you want the whole parts scooter or just need a part or parts for a SYM Mio 50, please inquire by sending me a p.m.
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