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Starting issues - Sym 125
« on: October 31, 2016, 08:55:19 AM »
I'm helping a buddy out, his scooter will run for some days, and one day, just won't start at all.
A brief history - bike was fine, stolen, taken for a 'joyride' (get it?) and then dumped ready to make a bonfire. Police recovered it and he took it to a garage that charged him a lot for doing very little. He had a longer spark plug in but they replaced it with the standard one, which is quite a bit smaller. The battery was also replaced. The ignition barrel has been botched by the garage. They should have replaced it. You can now stick a screwdriver into the internals and get it running. The alarm does stop this but it's not good really.

When he bought it to me, the battery was dead. The optimizer sorted that out and it's fine, charging and it is holding a charge.

The spark plug was fine when I initially checked and it started and ran fine after charging the battery.
(I misunderstood him initially, thinking the battery keeps dying - but it is only dying due to not running.)

I went and picked it up last night, it didn't start. Not on the button, not on the kick. It was if there was no spark. I went to start it today and it started.
It is considerably warmer today than it was last night so I am curious as to perhaps they are bad in the cold? I haven't found anything to say that these are for sure, bad in the colder weather.

I don't want to pull the thing apart really unless I absolutely have to.

He has an alarm and immobiliser but the immobiliser is NOT connected. The alarm works.

It's a 02 plate
When it's running, it runs ok.