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Starting clutch issues?
« on: June 30, 2016, 05:11:44 AM »
Hi All,
New to this forum, so apologies if ive posted in the wrong section
(admins feel free to move if needed)

I have a 2013 SYM Allo 125 with an interesting issue when trying to use the electric start i was hoping some guru out there might be able to help with.

Some history on the bike that may help...
Bought for my sister in law about a year ago for her 1st set of wheels.
Bike rode lovely for the first months then developed a loud clicking noise from what appeared to be the fan rubbing on the cover on the off side on the engine.

A few months later the she tells me she can only start the bike on the kick start - the starter wont work.

She has now left the bike with me to fix. And now when running the clicking noise has stopped...

So first thing was i tested the starter motor - ALL OK
Called a local scooter dealer to try and get some advice over the phone - they tell me it sounds like the starter clutch has gone but unlikely as the bike has only done 5k miles.

I got hold of a manual for a fiddle 125 to see if i could tell what was where.
Took the generator off and the engine casing off.
The gear that drives the crank from the starter appears fine - no damage or missing teeth etc.
The gear on the crank seems fine also, engages and turns the crank when rotated clockwise and disengages when turned anti-clockwise.

So this is where im now out of my knowledge with scooters im afraid.
Seems as thought the noise suggested something behind the generator was failing, and now it has.
Any help much appreciated...