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sym symphony sr 150
« on: March 25, 2016, 02:42:52 AM »
Hi thought I'd add a bit of information about my symphony SR150. I've owned this scoot for about 9 months now and love it. I'm in NSW Australia, of the older generation and with short legs. I've only had motorcycles before, but due to stiff hips moved to what I felt was a low powered step-through motorcycle with some doubts, but wow.
    Firstly the sitting position is very comfortable and although my feet are only tips on the ground the machine is well balanced and slim. The dash, handlebars and controls are very well styled and have a pleasing appearance in your driving vision, as do the mirrors. Handling and cornering are great-long corners at 80-90 km/ph no problem. Acceleration up to 90-100 km/ph quite snappy and well able to keep up with traffic,  note this is not a long distance freeway machine but seems to run happily at 80-90 km/ph. My weight is 78 kg and about the same for my pillion passenger. The pillion seems to make little difference to acceleration or speed except up very steep hills, where it backs down to about 80 km/ph two up. My large rxt helmet with visor fits in the under seat storage, but a full face model would not. With front and rear discs the brakes are spot on even two up, this plus it's low seat  and it's slim design are the main features that decided me on this model. The only  problem  I've encountered is that when putting my legs down ( short legs straight down) at a stop  the passengers feet dig into the back of my calves requiring the passenger,  my wife, to pre-empt removing her feet from her foot pegs. Fortunately I was able to move the rear foot pegs back about 5 inches by the manufacture of a simple plate, resulting in a far easier ride in traffic and the city with their frequent stops. I would be happy to explain this process to anyone who has the same problem. well that's about it. If anyone is considering this model of scoot I would be happy to explain in greater detail. Happy scooting, Rick from Aussie.