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« Reply #15 on: November 16, 2016, 03:59:26 PM »
  I road the Citycom s 300i around the lakes in Minneapolis for 400 miles.  After I had the oil changed I road the Citycom s 300i to Duluth MN and back to St Paul MN  over 300 miles round trip.  On the way I stopped in Hinckley MN and topped off, I than road to Duluth and return to
MN and topped off on return trip to Saint Paul MN. The scooter was than mostly broke in . I got  a little over 80 miles per gallon.  The road up there is mostly straight open road  with no towns to stop in, no stop and go. I waited a day than went to Saint Cloud MN. I got over 80 miles per gallon twice with the scooter.  On the roads close to city I get hi 60's and out in the country on county roads i get 70 - over 80 miles per gallon.  At 60 mile per hour you can increase speed with out the engine making any labored noise, it just increase speed.
  I took 61 to Wyoming MN 30 to Rush City MN 361 to Pine City MN 61 to Sandstone MN  23 to Duluth.  I used my free app on my phone to  locate
ethanol-free gas stations in route and it showed me the direction to nearest stations.  ( 
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Very, doubt I'd do that well since I'm fat & it's pretty hilly around here, but good looking bike, & seems to hit the current sweet spot in the market.
And of course you stopped in Hinckley.  What's a Duluth run from the Cities without a stop at Tobies :)

Have you noticed any difference running a good grade of whatever's out there (Shell around here) and whatever's available eth-free (usually no name or spirit around here, IF you can find any.)
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