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Old Bridge Crossing
« on: September 21, 2015, 09:57:17 AM »
It was a beautiful weekend here in Georgia, USA for back road skooter-cruisin'.
We logged 329 miles this weekend.
This bridge is in poor repair, but still open to rural
traffic. I was not going to drive over the wheel boards because there
were too many nails sticking up. And I wasn't happy about the deck boards inbetween either!
(But I did drive down the middle anyway)
I could see the river below. (the two 2009 SYM HD 125's are shown on the other side, left)

Warped, bowed, checked/split, nailed, rotted, pulled up: you name it

From the other direction

Baily Pony Truss over the Hudson River in Banks County, GA
Built in 1960
141.7' long
11.2' wide
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