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General Discussion / Re: Electric Scooters
« on: January 16, 2018, 05:17:16 AM »
Wonder how this is going to be adapted to the 2-wheeled crowd? i'll miss the 'vroom-vroom' with the electric motor.😜 👍🏻🙃

On a semi-serious note...with all the hybrid and electric cars around Los Angeles, it's getting pretty dicey just walking across a parking lot (keep your head on a swivel, or lose it) just can't hear these cars coming. How about some kind of ominous sound emanating from these silent predators 🙄

General Discussion / Re: Lamberetta on 125
« on: January 15, 2018, 08:28:39 PM »
Saw 'Lambretta' and thought why on SYM board...

Googled and saw that SYM made modern scooters for that company..which you already knew, I'm guessing

I see a model called LN 125 (typo on ON 125?)

Anyway, this might be useful information on troubleshooting and maybe, specs for components of your scooters ignition system...Chapter 16

I wonder if you tested your ignition coil before're going to need a multimeter to help avoid replacing every component and even if you did so, it could end up being a broken or shorted wire, loose connector, bad ground, etc...

Lots of videos on youtube, search 'scooter no spark' 'motorcycle no spark'
Might help give you a good generic overview

Did you own this scooter when it was running? 

At that point I wasn't willing to get stranded somewhere.

Years ago, I owned a motorcycle (EX250 Ninja) that had a bit of a reputation of finicky float valves and sure enough, after a great camping/fishing trip in the Eastern Sierras one went south and I was 270 miles from home with a load of gear strapped to my bike.

Dreading taking anything apart so far from home, I opened the float bowl drain screws (the floats will reach their lowest level with an empty float bowl and the float valves will be the greatest distance away from their seats, where the fuel enters the float bowls, creating the greatest clearance for debris to be freed) 

 Now, hitting the starter button to create the engine vacuum the petcock needs to deliver fuel, I repeated this several times hoping that a piece of debris was stuck between the float valve and seat and will be rinsed away with the incoming fuel...and voila! It worked.

Close the drain screws and ride home

Worth a try if you get stuck in a similar jam


They're going to replace the fuel petcock valve too, it's the other of the 2 things they think could have caused it. 

The petcock is the 'dumb' part, as it doesn't regulate the fuel delivery rate to the long as it has a high enough rate of fuel..

If you hung a bucket of gas on your handlebars, higher than the carburetor and ran a fuel line to your petcock needed

...having the correct float height and the float valve cutting off the supply of fuel when it should, is wholly responsible for maintaining the proper level of fuel inside the carburetor float bowl

Probably the cylinder running into a wall of fuel and not able to move vs no juice or spark. 

Are you able to remove the spark plug?

Stand back from Mt Vesuvius if the cylinder is indeed full of gasoline..

Maybe for some other rider needing a cheaper solution to a new carburetor...

I did see the OEM carb is now 'only' $300 through Scooter Dynasty

I like the shop charging $300 to actually fix something, more than the one charging $400 to give your scooter a ride... I mean, how many hours labor can they charge you for and still sleep at night for not fixing a scooter carburetor?...

You have the right to ask for your old parts that were replaced (at least in California) with new ones, if you request this when they write the service order...

I would have loved to see the engine valves they replaced...

...what a shocker that your scooter, which sounds like it got you to work fine, experienced both a compression (valves) and fuel (petcock) related issue... For only a few $$ more, they could have said your CDI was also faulty and scored a trifecta...Call me suspicious. 😜

Send a bill to Alliance for $220 (faulty gas tank and labor) ride it like it stole you, and run like hell when it quits running! 🙃

At what intervals were the valve clearances checked?

I can't resist adding this video... 😉

General Discussion / Re: New Lance 125 Models?
« on: December 31, 2017, 04:57:38 PM »
Interesting find...

Makes me wonder if there are any changes to the 125 engines/emissions systems, or CARB shakes people down for 💵 each model year, when there are no changes whatsoever...😜

The SOHO, the only Lance offering with 16" wheels and only being sold with a 49cc engine always made me scratch my least it looks like it might get a 125cc engine option..why not the 200i?🙃

Wolf Classic 150 / Re: Wolf 150 big bore kit
« on: December 30, 2017, 07:27:38 PM »
Yep... 200CC  😜

In 'SYM-speak' that's close enough...  🤐

The kit to make it a true 200 (203CC) comes with a larger piston and a stroker crank

General Discussion / Re: Tyre Pressures Maxsym 600 2016
« on: December 30, 2017, 07:11:07 PM »
Quite a bit of detail about your scooter here...

Make sure you're looking at info for the 600 and not the 400

The weight bias (how much weight is on each tire) info is pretty interesting. Scooters ARE ass-heavy, but it's nice to see this in real numbers.

I wouldn't stray far from the recommended tire pressures...

Overinflated tires will increase the chances of locking-up a wheel under hard braking. many PSI will a tire checked in a heated garage lose in 30F  temperatures...🙃?🇨🇦🌡❄️

Mio 50 / Re: Light Bulbs
« on: December 24, 2017, 01:14:09 PM »
Remember when you asked for a really 😎 🎄🎁 and received a pair of socks...?

Enjoy these comfy socks...

Although the Service Manual doesn't specify bulb numbers either, it does offer clues to make some educated guesses...

Taillight/Brakelight... '1157' bet the farm (but not my farm🐔🐖🐄) Push the bulb in (spring-loaded socket) and turn to the left to remove

Turn signal bulbs... Enjoy this video and break out the ruler/measuring tape...because the semi-clear photos in the Service Manual suggest a 'Wedge Base' type of bulb... You determine the size with your measurement. These bulbs just pull straight out to remove. You'll notice in the Service Manual the front turn signal bulbs are in a socket you must remove first..turn the socket to the left..and you can see these bulbs are amber

Here's your Service Manual

Chapter 16 is where you'll see how to gain access to your bulbs (and what Wattages you should be looking to replace the old ones with)

The Ignition Switch is going to be a dealer only type of part, unless you get lucky and find one on eBay, etc...

Remove your bulbs and hand them to the dude at your local auto parts store...😜

Ho-Ho-Ho... 🎄🎁☃🎶

General Discussion / Re: SYM Firenze 300i
« on: December 24, 2017, 05:55:03 AM »
Quick and easy test of your vehicles (2 wheels, 4 wheels, etc..)  charging system...

Ask Santa for a $15 multimeter ☃

My hunch is that the battery is gone and will no longer hold a charge.

 If you have a DC voltmeter (like the one on the multimeter mentioned above) and tested your battery every 15 minutes over the course of a couple hours (after using your battery charger) you might notice the voltage dropping dramatically, indicating it's time for a new battery

🌲With this song blasting out of the two-thirds coffin scale Magnavox console stereo 50 years ago, we arranged the living room furniture (mom and dad were out) in a circle and leaped from one to another until I slipped and whacked my head on the brick fireplace...still bear the mostly hidden by my eyebrow, scar...Always wear a helmet when listening to Andy Williams. ☃

General Discussion / Re: Sym joymax 125i
« on: December 12, 2017, 08:23:08 PM »
'New' doesn't necessarily mean 'good.' You could try charging the battery and leaving it disconnected from the scooter to see if it's holding a charge...


Wolf Classic 150 / Re: 4k miles in one summer!
« on: December 09, 2017, 02:40:13 PM »
i was sticking close to the cars in front of me, drafting.

Old School...

WTH.. Might as well post a photo of 'Mile an Hour Me' ... would you believe it if I told you that Yoko took this photo and John was driving the 4x4...?

Just in time for your last minute Christmas shopping...😜

Mio 50 / Re: Mio 50cc
« on: November 17, 2017, 04:54:28 PM »
If I read your post correctly, it sounds like an air/fuel ratio problem when the engine is cold

Your carburetor has an automatic enricher ('Automatic By-Starter') which adds fuel (creating a richer air/fuel ratio when the engine is cold)

Look at Chapter 4, page 6 of the Service Manual (says 4-6 on the bottom left of the page)

Should be a simple diagnosis/fix, as your engine isn't fuel injected nor liquid cooled (less evil sensors and computers which can be faulty)

'Syd the Kid' IS quicker than 'Sid the Kid'...😜

Adding... If you have a bike or car that's liquid cooled and fuel injected and you have similar issues as Laurence, check your 'coolant temperature sensor' (AKA, 'coolant temperature switch')

General Discussion / Re: BMW C400X
« on: November 11, 2017, 02:33:14 PM »
Honda should bring back the Helix  :)

Maybe Honda could bring back Adam Ant and Grace Jones 😜

And from a decade before them, how cool was JCPenney when you could pick up one of these? (Pay no attention to the 'JP Penny' in the ad...)

And don't confuse the Puch Pinto moped with the 4 wheeled Pinto of that decade... 🤐💥🔥

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