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thx for the info Tromper.
I got the outdated info about the CGs for the HD200 here:
That was written 2010. I should have dug deeper.
Plus, I was mixed up because though there is a rear CG for the Burgman, there does not seem to be a front CG for it (120/80-14M/C 58S), except maybe on websites selling to Europeans. Only Michelin's Power Pures are available here in the US for the Burgman's front wheel.

I went with a CG for the rear on the Burgman. As it seems that CGs are not available in the US for the HD200, will probably go with another Dunlop the rear. They're pricey, but the best I've experienced on the SYM.

HD200 / Re: Whatever
« on: January 12, 2018, 10:40:59 PM »
yeah Syd, this is an unusual topic for this forum. this will be my last post in it. Scooter talk elsewhere.
marco, i can see how my words might seem condescending. no disrespect intended... just an acknowledgment  that everyone now has access to certain technologies which can potentially make old ways of doing things obsolete by giving people new ways to weed out and ignore what's false and seek out info which has at least some truth to it.

HD200 / Re: Whatever
« on: January 12, 2018, 07:36:07 PM »
marco, The internet, when used with a cautious, critical eye has made mainstream/corporate media obsolete for thinking minds everywhere.

HD200 / Re: Valve clearance, has yours ever needed adjustment
« on: January 12, 2018, 07:01:20 PM »
marco, you may only need a fuel valve. I had mine replaced recently. The part cost about $65 and the labor was about $120. If you can replace it yourself, you can save the labor costs.

HD200 / Re: Valve clearance, has yours ever needed adjustment
« on: January 12, 2018, 01:10:27 PM »
hsympson, it seems that the gas smell occurs because of the problem that many on the multiple threads about gas tank problems have mentioned. The stock tank and cap simply don't fit well together., and over time, as the cap wears away at the tank thread grooves, they fit less well together.

Because the gas cap doesn't perfectly seal the opening, when the tank is full and the bike leaned on the kickstand, the liquid gas is flush against the cap and some vapor escapes.

No one in that thread has a solution, including the Alliance SYM distributor guy which people have mentioned. It seems to me that the best solution is to be super careful when replacing the cap after a fill up.

HD200 / Re: Whatever
« on: January 12, 2018, 03:01:27 AM »
Several credible sources have commented on the purposeful use of chemicals, HAARP, and HAARP style installations around the world in localized and global geo-engineering and geo-manipulation (it's more than just about climate change). What I've heard and read about is almost unbelievable, but with credible people discussing these things... Do a bit of research on these topics. It will blow your mind... unless you're already informed about some of what the current global aristocracy has been up to.

HD200 / Re: Fixed the Fuel tank issue w/o a lawsuit
« on: January 12, 2018, 02:45:49 AM »
Kokines, you have good luck sir! I've also had to get a new tank because of the same problem as so many others on this site, but paid my dealer, Scooter Dynasty, I think it was $210, for the tank and labor. Even so, with the new tank, the odor is still present, and whenever I fill it up, the smell of gas is very strong, even outside, and especially in closed areas... my garage might spontaneously combust someday after a fill-up. I usually use my side kick stand to park, but if I use the center stand, the gas vapors are less noticeable.

HD200 / Re: 2018 SYM scooters
« on: January 12, 2018, 02:25:24 AM »
I've heard from a local dealer that they are having problems with passing emissions: that seems to be the issue for a lot of motorcycle manufacturers, so please let me know Thanks and have a good one

I was unaware that one has to do emissions tests on motorbikes in California. I have not yet had to do that. Is that usual for all bikes or maybe just bigger bikes than mine?

HD200 / Re: Valve clearance, has yours ever needed adjustment
« on: January 12, 2018, 02:05:58 AM »
hsympson, I was unaware that one needed to check valve clearance until coming across this site.

I don't know all the details, but a month ago my daily use HD200 suddenly wouldn't start. The battery was good, and the starter tried to ignite the engine, but the engine wouldn't turn over. Also, the spark plug was super wet with gas, and when dried and replaced it immediately got wet again.

Tony, a mobile scooter mechanic with Applebox Scooter Repair in LA, suspected engine valve &/or stator plate problems. These were outside his scope of practice. He tried to not charge me his diagnostic/repair fee, but as he travelled to me, I paid him half the amount.

Al's cycle shop in Silverlake ruled out stator plate problems, did a valve adjustment, and replaced the fuel valve. That did the trick. The bike had 26,306 mile on it.

Though the bike now sounds different (it always sounds somewhat different than ever before after shop work), it runs as well as it ever has.

Tromper, Any thoughts on the following?
I'm going to have to immediately put a rear tire on the Burgman. The Michelin Site initially showed me only "Power Pure SC Scooter Tires" for the Burgman, but a search gave me the City Grips. The Power Pures look like they may be more durable, and are 0.2 points higher rated than the City Grips on Have you heard anything about these? Also, do you know of a Burgman forum which is as good as this one is for SYM?

87112, I saw a Citicom today when I took the Burgman I'm test driving to Scooter Dynasty to have them check it out. I was super surprised when the guy trying to sell me the Burgman said yes when I asked if I could take it overnight to bring it to a shop.... he asked for no collateral (though I parked my SYM at his place) and nearly gave me the title, but I told him to hold on to that... and after telling him the issues/costs I'll be taking on if I buy the bike, I talked him down from his $2500 asking price to $2200. KBB lists a $3750 value).

Anyway, SD sells a number of SYM and Kymco models. I agree, the Citicom looks like both legroom and positioning might be a problem. I love the sitting position on the HD200.

The Burgman has legroom, but the seat/leg positioning will take some getting used to. I did 95 on the fwy this morning and it is a really fun ride. I'm going to buy it! WooHoo!!!

EDIT: Just bought the Burgman for $2200!

87112, For me, the Burgman 200 seems too small. I definitely want something more powerful and freeway worthy. Plus the 400 engine will likely last longer. As for tires, I don't have much experience comparing different brands. For a few thousand miles, I used whatever was on the HD200 when I bought it. Then put on some Pirellis which lasted about 6,000 miles. Performance seemed fine, but when hitting any bump or driveway edge (even very carefully and slowly), I could feel the bump hit the rim... even inflated to 32 PSI. Having driven only cars before, I was disappointed with what seemed like quick wear on the Pirellis. Then I put on some Dunlops, which are still on it now. I heard they might last longer. They do feel tougher, and I don't feel bumps hit the rims as much with them. Unfortunately I got a nail in the rear tire very shortly after I put them on, and Dunlops are not cheap, so I left the nail in and have been driving with it for about a year. The rear wheel goes somewhat flat (very slow leak) every so often and has worn down. The front tire is still like new, but since no one will patch a rear motorbike tire, I need to replace the rear one now. I would say that compared to Dunlops, Pirellis seem flimsy.

Syd, thx for the advice. You're the man!

Tromper, We definitely agree on the HD200's performance & handling. I wish mine was more reliable. Perhaps the newer models are. The Citicom also has big wheels. I may check that out in the future. I'd like to see how others fare with the new ceramic coated cylinders. The Burgman I want to get has a great price, with very low mileage, and I can pay cash now for it. Keeping at least 2 bikes around is a great idea.

Syd, Can you elaborate. I've ridden a Burgman around the block sometime back. It had power, yet seemed somewhat clunky compared to the HD200. I didn't get it on the highway. I want to try that. Even so, it is rated #1 in it's class on and 91% of 130 user reviews love it and would recommend it. I know a mechanic who rides a Burgman and he said it should go 100K with proper care.
I'm curious how you see it as 'polar opposite' to the HD200.

Tromper. Thanks for the advice.

BTW all, I test drove a 2014 Kymco Like 200i. According to reviews, it's a great and reliable bike. It wasn't broken in, and it was a great price on CL, with <300 miles, but I had to pass, and here's why: With it's small wheels, short length between wheels, front end design, and 163cc engine, the Like 200i really stinks in comparison to the HD200 in handling, acceleration, speed, and smoothness ride. I ride the HD200 on the freeway all the time. That would be terrifying on the Like 200i. In the 150-200 cc class, in my experience, NOTHING beats the HD200 for acceleration, high speed, smooth ride, and handling. In spite of my issues with the HD200, some others have had fewer and less significant problems with theirs. I should say that though I've changed the oil, perhaps more often than necessary, I've always ridden it hard, which may have contributed to my bike's issues.

However, I do want something more reliable and more powerful. Today, I'm going to check out a 2008 Suzuki Burgman 400 with 7000 miles. I hear that a few of that year's clutches can go out, but 91% of Burgman owners recommend them highly. The price is more than alright. If I get the Burgman, I'll keep the HD200 around for a backup, but will never buy one again, though I might someday check out the Citycom.

87112, Thanks for the encouragement... yet, as much as I'd like to feel that someone owes me something for some of my SYM troubles, one gets what one pays for, and I can't expect much for what I paid.

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