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General Discussion / Sym Joymax 300i Drivebelt Change
« on: August 17, 2017, 11:59:02 AM »
I have seen an earlier post on this subject where someone was asking about changing the belt on the joymax. I was however advised to start a new topic because that post was over 120 days old.

I own a Joymax 300i with approx 10,000kms on the clock and the service manual advises to change the belt at 12,000kms.
I also own a Suzuki Burgman 400 which advises to change the drivebelt at 14,500 miles which is 23,200kms.
Now both scooters use very similar, in fact almost exactly the same CVT drive system with the same kind of belt.
I am pretty sure that Sym here are being very cautious with the recommended interval of belt change.
Incidentally I changed the one on the Burgman at their recommended interval and there was still plenty of wear left on that belt.
I propose that when my Joymax reaches the 12,000kms I will try to have a look at the belt and if it is practical measure it to see how much wear there actually is and then I will post again here.
I have been looking at the whole service schedule for the Joymax and Sym appear to me to be extremely cautious with their schedule and at times paranoid with it.
This of course is only my opinion, but I have been servicing all the motorcycles I have owned for the last 50 years without any major problems.

This is a great maxiscooter and compares very well with the Burgman. :)



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