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Title: Life
Post by: david23 on June 02, 2017, 03:05:46 PM
I wanted to relay this message to you all because I've been influenced by many different sources to do so As I've mentioned before, I watch a lot of Youtube videos, mainly Motovloggers and the things some of these people do is very frightening There are a lot of these people on 2 wheels defying the speed limit by as much as give or take 100 MPH People doing wheelies talking superlatives and slander to other people These people don't have a right to do this Just because anyone can buy a Go Pro or any other device that allows them to record content and download it or upload it or whatever it is into the internet doesn't mean it's a just and correct thing to do

These people are making the rest of us on 2 wheels look really bad The main issue is they are endangering other people's lives including their own I'm just overwhelmed by their attitude because they feel no one can tell them not to do these stupid and careless things and if anyone tries to reprimand them, they want to retaliate in a violent manner or throw verbal slanders at you There are a lot of responsible Motovloggers out there, but quite a large percentage are people without a conscience and without self respect and self love Let's all obey the rules of the road and make all the streets in the world safe for children, the elderly, animals and just everyone in general Pass it along, it will save many lives See you all later

I'd also like to add that I see this kind of aggressive and careless riding around the streets where I live People riding without helmets, the state I live in requires you wear a helmet when riding, people doing wheelies in the middle of major traffic, these stupid idiots are also provoking regular citizens defying them to say or do anything These bastards should be taken off the road

I've talked to a lot of car drivers and they tell me they don't trust or like 2 wheeled riders because they think we're all hoodlums belonging to some gang of outlaws It's an obvious misconception, but when you see this kind of idiotic and not responsible riding on the streets, car drivers seem to have no other choice but to think and feel that way about people on 2 wheels Let's show everyone that responsible and caring riders outnumber the rest of the idiots and that riding is a fun and exciting way of life Everyone ride safe and responsible
Title: Re: Life
Post by: GLV55 on June 07, 2017, 11:48:17 PM
We all share your concern and understand your frustration with the whole situation, david23. I find it very aggravating that there are so many jerks on two wheels out there giving us all a bad reputation. And they ride all types of bikes, but mainly some of the "hard core" Harley riders (certainly not all of them) or the crotch rocket youngsters (many more violators in this category). But, sooner or later it catches up to them and they usually end up hurting themselves. I just pray they don't take out other innocent motorists when the inevitable happens.

However, I do hold out hope because I have met some of the nicest people, those willing to help out a stranger or an organization, who ride Harleys (despite my tendency to pre-judge them based on appearance only). There are a lot of concerned and helpful citizens on two wheels out there who are helping to counter the rest of those jerks.  Take them on a case-by-case basis and appreciate the good people, then try to avoid the idiots at all costs. I believe in Karma - they will be on the receiving end of things sooner or later.