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Title: big bore kits and performance parts
Post by: dolph811 on May 02, 2017, 04:53:08 PM
Greetings All

I recently purchased a HD 125 evo..which runs well but im in the market for a big bore kit and other performance parts...where can they be purchase please
Title: Re: big bore kits and performance parts
Post by: Tromper on May 03, 2017, 11:05:42 PM
Heck maybe Cam Purvis would have some ideas.
I'm not sure if it'd fit the general GY6 stuff or not, but there's places like this that seem to indicate it might (

Of course you could always just find someone with a crashed HD200.  Heck if you're in the Seattle area I know someone who has what's likely a good motor, airbox etc.
Title: Re: big bore kits and performance parts
Post by: dolph811 on May 04, 2017, 10:20:05 AM
thxs for the reply..Im not very familiar with HD 200 will this engine just bolt on without modifications....also mine is 2017 what about the wiring harness is it identical...Once i get answers i think I would be very interested.  I have a buddy just moved up that way who could check it and ship it to me in Florida...thxs Again good looking out....What do you ride?
Title: Re: big bore kits and performance parts
Post by: Tromper on May 06, 2017, 02:29:12 AM
I ride an HD200.
I've ridden both, & can see why the 125 is not in this country anymore; albeit the 200 barely is.  The 200 is freeway capable, topping about 70ish, & comfortable in the 60's.
Depends on your needs of course, the 125 seemed about 10mph slower, & probably a bit easier on fuel.  I rarely use the top end, but find the extra power down low useful.

The frames, radiator wheels and such seem to but the same.
As far as converting one goes, I think you'd need the whole motor/CVT assembly; although the 200 might plug into the 125 CVT/trans.  I'm not dead sure but know they do have some different part numbers for the CVT.    I'd check some of the part numbers against each other for the differences.  Since the ideal donor is a wrecked 200 I'd be tempted to do an almost "gas cap" job on it.   Bascially do the drive train including carb and such, probably pull any wiring module that had a different P/N. 
From what I've seen of the assembly it's a bit of work but the engine/cvt/rear wheel assembly come off pretty much as a unit, so pulling two off, & installing one wouldn't be too insane; although you may need to change some of the various modules and you may as well think about the evap system, & PAIR system while you're at it.

To be honest it'd be easier to just get a 200 and ride it.  I've done some motor work, including a few swaps over the years (cars, not bikes) and save for old VW Vans find 'em to be a lot of work for minimal gain unless you really enjoy that sort of thing (I no longer do).

Things vary of course if a drive train does fall into your hands, you have the space and nothing much else planned for a couple days, sure why not?